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Valley Staffing Solutions was built by former nurses, healthcare managers, and healthcare industry experts looking to change the often dissapointing staffing landscape.

That’s why we work with Licensed Practical Nurses, Registered Nurses, and Certified Nursing Assistants to find gratifying, flexible, and better-paying roles at reliable care homes and hospitals across the country.

We also ensure nurses don’t just get a job but build and further a lucrative career plan.

Likewise, we form partnerships with employers, ensuring a steady supply of staffing solutions that keep them on top.

If you’re ready to switch to this winning team, check out what we have for Candidates and Employers like you.


We promise to deliver the best possible outcomes for our candidates and employers.


We don’t believe in underhand tactics, hidden figures, and exploitative fine print. We’re an open book, inviting you to turn any page and discuss it.


Our recruitment team doesn’t quit, working every possible angle to uncover unique solutions.


We don’t look for clients. We seek partners like you with whom we can work, grow, and continue to win.

Trust a reliable, vetted staffing agency that’ll make a difference for you without cutting corners. It’s time to discover the new world of opportunities we hold for Candidates and Employers.